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Registration for the the Elk Grove Youth Lacrosse Club 2020 lacrosse season is now officially open.  Registration is open from 09/18/20 to 11/15/20. Note: Any registration AFTER 11/01/20 will be assessed a $50 late fee. Space is limited, so don't delay register today! To register click on the orange REGISTER NOW button in the upper right hand corner of the home page. Please be sure to read all the info on the page as age divisions and cutoff dates have changed for this season. Additionally there is a lot of answers to many of your questions contained in the instructions.

Returning players be sure to check out the uniform option. 

Please read forms as there is a lot of information contained in them.


2020 EGYLC Coaches Registration Form (Coaches Only)

2020 EGYLC Coaches Registration Form (Click on green "Begin Registration" button below)

Important! You must be registered with US Lacrosse through 7/31/20 in order to complete your EGYLC coaches registration. If you are not currently registered as a coach with US Lacrosse, you will be prompted to the US Lacrosse website to sign up. When completing your US Lacrosse membership you may be prompted to do your background check through US Lacrosse and NCSI. Do NOT, Repeat do NOT do your backgound check through US Lacrosse. Return back to this site AFTER you complete your US Lacrosse coaching membership and you will complete your background check through our registration system via NCSI using our Club's self registration number. If you do not follow this procedure you (the Club) will in effect be charged twice for the background check. 

Note: EGYLC will reimburse all coaches for their expenses to obtain the following:

1.     Cleared background check*
2.     PCA online course or workshop
3.     US Lacrosse Level 1 online course
4.     US Lacrosse membership
5.     Signed Coaches Code of Conduct

All Elk Grove Youth Lacrosse Club coaches must be certified NCJLA coaches. See below for details and requirements.

2020 NCJLA Certified Coach Rules and Enforcement
Only an NCJLA Certified coach with a valid and visible coach's card may stand with the team and coach during an NCJLA game.
If a coach does not have the card, but has a legible photocopy or picture of it on their mobile phone accompanied with a valid photo ID, that person may participate as a coach.  But the team is penalized a technical foul/green card and possession is awarded to the opposing team in lieu of the opening faceoff (boys) or in lieu of the opening draw, a free position is given to the opponent at the center line (girls).
Any coach who does not have their NCJLA coach’s certification card or a legible copy or picture of it on their phone along with a photo ID must leave the team’s side of the field and move to the spectator’s side.  He/she may not coach from the spectator’s side of the field.
Any argument with an official can result in a penalty or foul up to and including an ejection/red card.
A team may enlist an NCJLA certified coach from the same club or another club to serve as head coach for that game; however, the temporary coach is responsible for certifying that all of the team’s players are equipped to play per rule.
If a team does not have an NCJLA certified coach, the game will end in a forfeit 1-0 in favor of the opposing team.  No scrimmage will be allowed.  
If a team has only one NCJLA certified coach and that coach is ejected from the game that has already started, the game ends in a forfeit 1-0 in favor of the opposing team.  
These rules will be enforced starting March 4, 2017.

Requirements Overview
The NCJLA reviews the following five requirements for every coach and assistant coach and issues laminated “NCJLA Certified Coach” cards that coaches are required to wear on a lanyard around their necks while on the field for games.

1.     Cleared background check*
2.     PCA online course or workshop
3.     US Lacrosse Level 1 online course
4.     US Lacrosse membership
5.     Signed Coaches Code of Conduct
6.     Passed Age Level Rules Test

Officials verify that every coach on the sidelines has their NCJLA Certified Coach card at the beginning of each game.  No “NCJLA Certified Coach” card, no standing on sidelines during games. 

The NCJLA recommends all head coaches be US Lacrosse Certified.  In order to be US Lacrosse Certified, NCJLA coaches need to meet all NCJLA Certification requirements PLUS attend an in-person US Lacrosse Level 1 Clinic and be processed by US Lacrosse.  Learn more: US Lacrosse Certification
NCJLA Requirements Detail
1. Cleared Background Check*
NCSI is valid for one or two years, depending on contract, other services vary
US Lacrosse and the NCJLA recommend the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI).  Other equivalent services are acceptable for NCJLA Certification.  To be US Lacrosse certified, coaches will need the NCSI clearance. US Lacrosse has negotiated reduced fees with NCSI for local lacrosse programs.  For more information from US Lacrosse on NCSI services, click here.  When reporting an NCSI background check clubs are to list the expiration date rather than the completion date.  

*Coaches under the age of 18 are not required to undergo a background check.
2. PCA 
One-time requirement
Coaches may take the PCA online course or in-person workshop, “Double Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons.”
3. US Lacrosse Level 1 Online Course
One-time requirement
All coaches must complete a free US Lacrosse Level 1 online course, unless the coach has coached at the CIF (or equivalent from another state), collegiate, or post-collegiate level. 
4. US Lacrosse Membership
Renew annually, and valid through the end of the season
Go to http://www.uslacrosse.org to establish or renew membership.
5. Signed Coaches Code of Conduct 
One-time requirement
Coaches must sign and submit this Coaches Code of Conduct form to their club administrator for their records.

6. Passed Age Level Rules Test  - New Requirement for 2016 Season

Coaches must take and pass a US Lacrosse rules test for the age and gender they coach every year.

Age Level Rules Test (U8-U14 coaches should take the Youth test and HS coaches should take the Girls HS test once it is released.

Send the certificate of completion to your club administrator for their records.

Click here for instructions on how to find and take the tests.

Helpful hints before taking test:

a) You will need your US Lacrosse Member ID to sign-on for the test.
a) Please listen carefully to the directions for completing the test. The audio portion is very helpful.
b) The test has multiple modules which are called "Rule 1", "Rule 2", and so on.  Each module has 1 or more multiple choice questions.  You must pass each module to earn your certificate.
c) The "Back to Menu" button will allow you to access the modules you have not yet completed.
d) Read each question carefully.
e) Read all choices before selecting your answer.

Clubs are responsible for confirming the accuracy of any non-NCSI background checks reported as well as maintaining evidence that their coaches have successfully completed all NCJLA Certification requirements.
The NCJLA will, on occasion, request physical proof of coaching requirement records.  If the requirements have not been met, and were falsified on the roster, the coach may be suspended for the remainder of the season, and the club may be put on probation. (See NCJLA Bylaws.)  

Coaches Clinics

While not “required” to be NCJLA Certified, US Lacrosse Level 1 Instructional Clinics are highly recommended, especially for head coaches.  Once a coach has completed both Level 1 online and in-person clinic, they should consider, especially if they are coaching players at 14U and above, completing Level 2 online and clinic.  Click on US Lacrosse instructional clinics for more information.



Opened: 09/18/2019
Closes: 03/28/2020

Open to: Men & Women
born on or before: 01/01/2001

2020 EGYLC Parent Volunteer Form (Parents Only)

2020 EGYLC Parent Volunteer Form

The success of our club depends on the commitment of our parents. Each family is needed to commit to a volunteer position in order to ensure a quality program for our children. We realize how busy these days are for you and your family, but we believe our club has volunteer opportunities to fit every parent’s schedule and interests. Some of the positions are shown below.  In addition there are several committees that could use your help including events, fundraising and marketing.  This form is to express your interest.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will be sending out a form to sign up.  We ask for about 8 hours of time throughout the season.  Some jobs take more time, some less. You will not be taken away from your child's game.  If you are unable to commit to one of the volunteer positions, a monetary contribution of $100.00 to support the activities of the club is an option.

In addition to Head and Assistant Coach positions here are descriptions for the other Volunteer Positions available:
Team Parent Coordinator – 1 per team

The Team Parent is the “conduit” between coaches and parents, managing questions or concerns that may arise. 
•  Maintains team email list, phone lists and team rosters.  
•  Communicates changes in roster, games or practices with the coach(s) and registrar.
•  Sends emails to players/parents — receives coach, club and league information as necessary.
Team Scorekeepers /Timers – 2-3 per game

It is helpful to have several scorekeepers per team to share the responsibility.  You need not have experience or know the rules of lacrosse.  You will learn. This is a great way to learn more details about the game!  It's also the best seat in the house! Training will be provided.  
• Scorekeepers track goals, assists and penalties on a score sheet.
• Timers keep the game time, penalty time, and blow horns to mark each quarter and end of game.
•  Retrieve the ‘team copy’ of the score sheet and give to the coach, and give the visiting team their copy (after the referee’s have signed them).

Sideline Manager - 1-2 per game

Home games require a person on the side of the families to make sure people are not violating the rules of the park (no food or drink other than water on turf, no dogs...) as well as occasionally remind a fan of the conduct rules.  

Club Fundraising – 3 per team

Elk Grove Youth Lacrosse Club is planning a number of activities towards our fundraising efforts. Examples of activities include:

  • Ordering and Selling T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other fundraising items
  • Contributing ideas and time for fundraising
  • Soliciting for donations for events 
  • Soliciting sponsorships

Equipment Manager - per team

Duties will include taking out game equipment for first game of the day including scorers table and associated equipment, balls, and pop-up tent.  Duties for last game of the day will include putting away this equipment.  There will be a storage pod on site.  To clarify, whatever team plays first, their Equipment Manager will set up and whatever team plays last, their Equipment Manager will put away. Players can help!

Practice Assistants – 2 per team

This year we’re asking parents that have the time to become involved in your child’s practice sessions. We’d like at least one parent per practice to assist with drills and stations and just be available as an extra aid on the practice field. It’s a great way to learn the game and watch the progress. Duties may include managing team equipment.


Opened: 09/18/2019
Closes: 07/01/2020

Open to: Men & Women