Home of the Gladiators- "STRENGTH AND HONOR"

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Brookfield School
Brookfield School is a thriving independent non-profit, co-educational, college preparatory school, serving children in kindergarten through eighth grade. The school is best known for its rigorous accelerated curriculum and emphasis on character development. Brookfield's primary purpose is to prepare our students to become independent thinkers, responsible citizens, and effective leaders. For more information, go to Brookfieldprivateschool.org or call 916-442-1255.
Lacrosse Fanatic
Lacrosse Fanatic is a family owned business serving Northern California's growing lacrosse market since 2004. They are committed to providing the best prices, customer service, and gear support to the close knit lacrosse communities. The Lacrosse Fanatic team is available online and in-store to help you.